Homepage of Cube King


Translated by Yugo Kashiwagi

to Japanese


Kainaga  =a3 * King = Cube King

Welcome to the homepage of Cube King.

My name is Kainaga, a rather uncommon last name in Japan.
The Chinese character of my name has the meaning "sea-eternity", and
its pronunciation "kainaga" can be rearranged and interpreted as
Kainaga=a^3 * King, the "Cube King."

As the interpretation of my name indicates, I like Rubik's cube, and Ilike
puzzle rings also.

I like to solve them. I like writing down the walk-through of the solution.
Followings are examples:






        10billion                33 cube                        baroq

The walk-through of the puzzles I have solved can be found in the following page.

Perfect walk-through of puzzles

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